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Tech Support: Marlee Kelly

To contact Tech Support call:

(605) 441-1439

To get in contact with the Middle School office call:

(605) 867-5889

Digital Learning Guidelines

Platforms for Digital Learning

  • All teachers will utilize either Canvas or Google Classroom to communicate with students on their assignments.

  • Teachers will communicate with parents/guardians via email regarding individual students.

Communicating the Lesson

  • Teachers will post lessons and activities daily on their platform by class start time.

  • Teachers will offer instructions for completing the lessons to students. Students will be expected to, if possible, log-in to a video chat for attendance and instruction. 

  • Teachers will post a due date for each assignment as needed.

  • Students are expected to engage in the lesson work daily. Parents/Guardians will be contacted if a student is not active.

  • Teachers are available to be communicated with via email.

How much time per day should students work in each class?

  • Students should expect one assignment every day for every subject. The time it will take to complete each assignment will vary.

  • Teachers will do their best to vary instruction so students are not sitting in front of the computer all day long.

When should my child submit their assignments?

  • Teachers will post due dates for assignments but it is expected that students will submit their assignments regularly each day.

What if my child is unable to submit their assignment or loses access to the internet?

  •  If your child is unable to submit their assignments or loses access to the internet please communicate this to the teacher by calling the school and informing the secretary.​

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