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Theresa Lessert


Lenore Locke

Office Manager


Tilda St. Pierre - Kindergarten Immersion

John Welch - 1st grade Teacher.

Mary White - 2nd grade Teacher.

Janey Knuth - 3rd grade Teacher.

Kelly Steever - 4th grade Teacher

Maeve Price - 5th grade Teacher.

Liam Wilson -6-8th Social Studies Teacher

Rebecca (Becky) Johnson - 6-8th Science Teacher.

Larry Palato - 6-8th Math Teacher.

Tom Brett -6th-8th ELA Teacher.

Bobby Pourier - K-8 Life Skills Teacher.

Gloria Two Crow - K-8 Lakota Teacher.

Sr. Susan Biegert - K-3 Religion Teacher

Kyleigh Blacksmith - 4-8 Religion Teacher.

Michael Ihrie - K-8 PE Teacher.

If you need academic support here are the steps:

1) Reach out to the teacher

2) Reach out to the principal 

**We are currently working on a tutoring schedule and will post the link here when it is ready

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